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Monday, August 08, 2005


8 degrees at rest, 4 degrees with a quad set. A good day. Flexion still 80 or so with some pain. Rae said hello and indicated Steady would see me tomorrow in PT and then upstairs. My read is we'll do the insufflation. Hopefully that will assist a little on the extension and a good amount on the flexion, and then hang on for the ride afterwards. Another patient, another Alex actually, volunteered to give me a ride (or his mom) afterwards, so one less thing to worry about. Almost all the pain on the extension side today was a 3 or lower.

Not many details today - both morning and afternoon hit the bike/wall slides for 10 apiece, and then Megan spent most of the rest of the session pushing, pulling, massaging and quad setting my knee. Went from 3 fingers to about 1 after the manual stuff, and then to a 1/4 inch above the table after the JAS - hit about 6/7 setting both times without much pain. 20 minutes of GameReady both times.


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