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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Relaxing Sunday morning

Mentally, it's nice to have another one session day. Zack started with the usual, 5 minutes of bike and wall slides. Even he commented it was tight as he started the patella mobs. Quad sets, prone massage on the back of the knee. Dangled my knees off the side of the table and he gently tried to push my ankle under the table - about 82 max. With me on my back and grabbing the back of my leg, we were able to get 90 degrees of flexion with a small amount of pain. Overpressure slightly next, and then measured - my knee was at 12 extension with no help, and I could push it down to about 8. 30 minutes on the JAS - started at setting 3 and dialed it up to 6 over the 30 minutes. Since we were icing while in the JAS, Zach said GameReady might be too much (overicing can evidently caused swelling instead of reducing, but the threshold is pliable) so called it a day. My shortest session ever, at 1.5 hours.

And then my folks and I got a Slurpee, since my mother had never seen one. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't impressed.


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