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Monday, August 22, 2005

a quick update

A quick update for me. I'm going to try and transcribe my notes from the second surgery and rehab, etc, but it's been tiresome since the return home. Right now, I'm pretty close to where I was before surgery, about 15-70 cold. Bad news is the flexion barely gets to 80-85 in therapy on the bike or otherwise. Still having some trouble keeping any extension or moving from flexion into extension. Good news my extension can get to the table pretty quickly, down below 10. Hopefully, I'm reshaping some tissue.My PT at home who I trust very much, said my hamstring and the overall feel of the tissue are much better. I'm in Pt twice week (instead of twice a day!) I'm still trying to focus on riding my recumbent bike and using the JAS brace at home, but it's a tough road when I really am not seeing any changes day to day/week to week. I've been afraid I've plateaued really quickly. When Steadman said after my second surgery "well, you know, some knees are challenges, tests, even for me, and I've seen more of these that anyone in the world", it can't be good. :-) Any small fear that "it was all in my head or I wasn't doing enough" certainly was eliminated!

Lynn, one of the fellow patients of Steadman, mentioned in a quick note a good deal of her progress was made almost 2 months out. That defintely helps the mental. Sure would help the "why the heck did I do this?" thoughts that float around on occasion. Vail sure was nice, though :) Hopefully, I can get back to a more regular posting, although it will probably won't be daily. Thanks again for reading.


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