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Thursday, August 11, 2005

they pull you back in....

Yup, another surgery this morning. Doc indicated he'd do an insufflation and maybe a scope, and a scope it was. Got 120 and 'almost flat' on the table, and seems to be hanging in ok - have the CPM at 90 and 0 although it doesn't really go to zero. Feeling good, gonna have some ice cream after I finish this post. I have a bunch of notes from yesterday and today but it's mentally exhausting sometimes to post the marathon days like yesterday and today so I'll probably hold off until I get to the condo tomorrow afternoon.

And I love Lissa very much.

Two funny things:
Waiting room, before I'm called back in the moring. Steadman, winks at me on his way to talk to a husband about the surgery he finished. Walks by, smiles, shakes my hand and says, "Kinda boring out here, huh?"

Anethesologist. checking me out. "Open wide. Gee, what big tonsils you have."

And then there was the nurse who asked me if I streaked. How's that for a teaser?


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Dale Churchett said...

I've been following the progress since the blog started, and even before that as I was working with Alex when the original injury occured.

Having been through bouts of chronic pain with a neck problem for over a year I know how tough this sort of rehab can be. Mentally, emotionally and physically. It affects everything and everyone around you.

Alex, hang in there matey! We're thinking of you and you have a great support group. Think positive and ask yourself what you'll be doing when you're fully recovered. Focus on the positive and in dark moments choose Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream every time ;)

Looking forward to going for a ride when you are recovered!


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