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Monday, August 15, 2005

Last Slurpee in Vail

Alex's Tip for the Week: If you get a candy twizler slurpee straw, don't bite off the top. You'll end up with a sticky straw that is obstainate and persistent in it's inability to provide you with the delicious slushee, frozen goodness that your mouth so eagerly wants, nay, desires.

An interesting month in Vail, with a fairly rapid roller coaster ride. Reminds me of two a days before school was in session in high school. Everything was a bit of a blur. Everyone here has been fantastic, from dr to PTs. Called Rae, Dr. Steadman's clincal assistant this morning to let her know I was leaving a day early, and she plunked me in Steadman's office at about 5 pm and he spent 5 minutes or so chatting with me. Being a regular probably helps :)

As for the result of my month, reminds me of my time canoeing one weekend during my internship in Cincy. After an hour or so, one of the canoes upriver from mine was stuck along the side of the river in some brush. I hopped over the side and started to briskly stroke upriver. After 30 seconds, I look up, and notice my canoe. Then the two guys laughing crazily in my canoe. Becuase my canoe is exactly the same distance from me as when I started. Becuase I haven't moved. Well, I had probaby moved forward a bit, and back, and then forward again, but it sure didn't feel like I moved much. So if you ask me how my knee is, and the reply is "Swimmingly", you'll know. I'm not tired from swimming yet, and I'm not ready to get back in the boat.

I have an appointment with Angela and Adam at Elite (rock on!) Thursday, so we'll see how the flight and a day at work treats me. Thanks to everyone who has posted comments or send emails over the last month - that has meant a lot. I'll keep posting once I'm back in Austin and will try to write my notes from the last surgery and few days for posterity, although it might take a few days.


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