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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The hospital scavenger hunt

Yep, another brief tour around the hospital today. Saw Steadman first (well, the varying experts who support him, nurse, doctor, etc). Surprised that he remembered that I left becuase my boss left the company, so I had to head back to Austin. Told him my other boss left the day I told her I was going. "Well, that's not a normal complication of surgery, that's a first!" He said it looked better (but I've long stopped trusting anyone's opinion on that) His fellow, Dr. Clark, asked if I would be more interested in flexion or extension - I can walk ok, but I don't have any range at all, so that'd be my hope. Then bounced around to 3-4 different spots for pre-op registration.

Only real difference is I'm in the hospital wing instead of the Vail Valley surgery wing, since (I'm guessing, the VVMC is closed since they have few surgeries scheduled. Saw many of the old crew, and pleased to find Luke and Dirk are still around and I'm on their schedule. Actually saw Kim and she and Lissa congradulated each other on their weddings.

Only real complication was wireless internet, actually - my room is out of range and I was worried for a while they wouldn't solve the problem, but someone (Doug) is showing up tomorrow morning to fix that.

Back in the cautiously optimistic phase, so hoping that things go well tomorrow...ciao!


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