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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Direct flights rule!

Most of my travel, both business and personal, is never to a hub. AUS to DEN, 2.5 hours, Even with the extra 2 hour drive to Vail, much, much better. Turkey and Havarti panini, quite tasty at the grocery store where we stocked up (what, you thought it was airplane food?) Vail is lovely in the winter, so lovely the rental car agent nearly insisted we needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle, so Lissa's driving an SUV for the first time.

Our condo is nice, 4th floor with a raised ceiling right by the elevator, built in the 70s, so some wood paneling here at there. A fireplace though, if we get really excited. Spacious, too. Decent views out the window, maybe we'll get pictures.

Steadman's office called to confirm my appointment so we're on for tomorrow at 10:45. Hurray for wireless!


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