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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy New Year!

First person to wish you that, wasn't I? Day 2 of therapy down, with another week to go before we head back. Partial weightbearing is better than none, I can actually step with the leg and try to bend/extend as I walk. I remember last time, I would drag it around in a bent position wherever I went, which probably didn't help either direction.

Basic schedule the last couple days, with wall slides, patella mobs, quad sets, hamstring pulls, straight leg raises. Actually pushed the knee to 4 and 105 yesterday, we'll see if I can hang onto it all. Trying to create more fluidity in the knee as well within the range I have (as moving from 10 degrees to 40ish after hanging out in 10 after a while is pretty tough) Seems a little smoother at this point. It's going to be small steps and trying to maintain the gain from the pain before returning on the plane so I don't drive Lissa insane.

Plug along we shall! She's making Christmas cookies, so it's pretty cheery around here.

Click here to see what we've been doing from our balcony...

Hope to see everyone soon...


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