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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Feliz Christmas!

Mrs. Bentley here again. Alex doesn't feel like posting, so I'm stepping in...

Alex was discharged from the hospital just before going downstairs to his first physical therapy appointment at 9. Around 10:45 Dr. Steadman appeared to greet the patients he had worked on the day before. He told us that he decided to be more cautious about pushing Alex's knee too far, after having seen what happened the last time around. He said the surgery was about 20 minutes with 15-20 minutes of moving his knee through the range of motion they could get, from 120 to somewhere between 5 and 10. He confirmed that Alex should do partial weight bearing on the crutches and use pain meds as needed to tolerate physical therapy exercises. We gave him a santa jack ball and parted ways until his next round of visits next week.

After a quick lunch, Alex had his second therapy appointment with Mary Ellen. We got Alex settled into the condo, with the CPM (move-his-knee machine) and ice water machine. He looked pretty tired and has developed a bit of a cough, but no fever, so no concerns about infection so far. We spent Christmas Eve watching tv and relaxing. This CPM is fairly noisy, and it didn't help as he had a hard time sleeping. He finally took his knee out of the machines and was able to sleep from 5-7. At 7 he brought in the box my sister had sent us here and proclaimed that it was time to open presents... and thus our Christmas Day began! (thanks Becca!!!!)

Therapy this morning was with Phil, and I went on a long walk around Vail and Lionshead while he was in there. I even got asked for directions to a coffeehouse... and was able to give two options. I tell ya, I'm feeling like a native :) Now I just need to actually ski here.

We're back in the condo now, on a lunch break before heading back for the afternoon session at 1.

Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends, and we'll see you all soon!


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