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Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of 2005...

We had a few technical difficulties the last few days of 2005, as the wireless access for our condo was once again down. On Friday I (Lissa) dropped Alex off at the hospital for his PT appointments and went to hang out with one of his other physical therapists, Kim, on her day off. She and I had planned to go skiing at Breckenridge, but decided that it was too crowded and instead went for a long hike with her dog, Elli. We had a great time and fortunately the weather held up for me to make it back to Vail to pick Alex up after his second PT appointment that day. Phew, was I tired after the long drive and hiking!!!!

Saturday we had a fairly routine day, with PT in the morning and afternoon. During his afternoon session I went over to a shop in Lionshead Village to rent a pair of skis for the next day. :) We went back to the condo and rested for a while, before I went out to pick up some take out Chinese food for our New Year's Eve feast. Around 8:00 Alex decided he wanted some "sugar" and we took a journey to the local convenience store where we got ice cream for our celebration. After watching the coverage of the Times Square New Years Eve celebration, we kissed and went to bed.

Happy New Year!


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